Repair or Replace a Furnace?

How to Decide on Repair or Replacement of Furnace

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When the outside temperature of your home is cold, the operation and health of the furnace repair calgary must be considered well since it is your comfort that is being addressed here. If you find that your furnace is acting beyond normal, you might be thinking about whether it is best to replace or repair it, having the latter more preferable because it saves you money. However, you can’t just decide which is better than the other since there are factors that you need to consider first. Below are some pointers that will help you get a clearer decision whether it is best to repair or replace the HVAC unit.


Repair is best considered when…

Most cases with furnace problems do lie with repairs only. This canbe done by an furnace repair calgary  professional certified by NATE. If your furnace is still new, at least haven’t reached the ten years of its system life, then the chances of the problems arising with your HVAC unit is best done with repairs. Aside from that, if your HVAC unit is still heating your home properly, then repairs are best chosen.

The general idea of why repairs are best is when you find that your heating bills are still the same as normal even with the continuous usage of your furnace, there is no need for replacement or to take a look into repairs even. Your furnace is functioning properly if you do not see any issues with uneven heating as well.

A general rule of considering furnace repairs is when the cost of repairs is less than a third of the cost of getting a new heating system and that the repairs of the furnace arein the first half of the predicted lifetime. Don’t ever forget that even if you are going through a drop of heating efficiency, there are other ways to think about before you even go for replacements.


Replacement is best considered when…

There are times when repairs is not an option, especially when your furnace is beyond 15 years of usage in the home. The expected lifetime of an HVAC unit is between 15 to 20 years. In between those years, your furnace is going to experience “pain,” which is beyond normal from the first years you once used it. When you find a lot of problems in this time frame, it is best to discuss are replacement.


Another consideration for replacement is when you find yourself always calling for the HVAC guys to conduct repairs on your furnace. In this case, you have to observe how many times you have called for their service in the last two years and the scope of their repairs. When these repairs keep happening, and it hasn’t improved the performance of the HVAC unit, all the more reason to consider replacement.

Another note on replacement is when the furnace is not producing steady temperatures and is unable to evenly distribute the air in every room –this I something that screams that it should be replaced.