Renovate Your Bathroom First

Why top quality shower and bathroom fixture can increase their value of a home?

Adding a new bathroom in your home might solve more problems than who get to use it first in the morning. It can also be very helpful in increasing the resale value of your home. It is very difficult to figure out the exact amount of the value that the new bathroom will add to your house. It depends on various other factors such as the size and location of the bathroom, condition of the home, etc. You can put in some money on adding a new bathroom in the house, and it will undoubtedly show the value of your property. Buyers look for luxury items like towel warmers in Bathroom Also add a handheld Shower head or a Shower filter

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On an average, how much does adding a new bathroom will cost?

The average price of adding a new bathroom in your home will cost around $40,096, and according to the remodeling magazine, it will increase the value of your house near to $20,455. For every dollar house makers spent on adding the new bathroom, they expect the value of the home to rise by 51 cents. Making your bathroom a luxury project doesn’t do much to increase the return rate, as the average expensive bathroom addition cost ranges around $72,209, increasing the value of a home by $40,061, giving a rate of return of 55 percent approximately.

Make a large sized addition

If you are looking for boosting the home resale value, then adding a new bathroom is a great idea. What is better is that choosing a full or three-quarter bath rather than sticking to a half bath. Going for a half bath will increase the home value by 10.5 percent. However, adding a bathroom that has shower stall or a tub will boost up the value by 20 percent. If you have enough space, try to add a larger bathroom to increase your home value significantly.

Adding a new bathroom? Shop smartly

If you don’t have a particular vision for your new bathroom and are flexible about accessories and fixture choices, then smart shopping can help you in increasing the return on the project’s price. By purchasing materials that are on sale or better taking out-of-the-box material like a new shower filter for hard water or well water can be a great way of saving money on the investment of the project. If your area has stores that sell donated or used building items, then you can look at this store and find something worth bargain. look for items like shower filters to increase the value

Stick to your scale

While adding a new bathroom or making any other improvements in it, you will have to ensure the match up with the other additions that have been made to the home. For instance, if you are putting in a luxury bathroom of say $70,000, on an average it may increase the home value around $35,000. However, if you decide to add a luxurious washroom to a home that is worth $100,000, the property value will not boost by the previously counted $35,000. So it is important that you keep the scale of your house before making an addition to the bathroom.