Winnipeg Roofing Tips

How to tell if you actually need a new roof?

A roof is one of the most important things that every one of us desire as a basic amenity to live in. It saves us from those harsh weather conditions and also gives us that feeling of security when we are inside our premises. Can you imagine your house to be with that top open space? How weird that would look. So, yes! A Roof is indeed very important for

Well, such landscapes look beautiful only for occasional visits. But, for our everyday living purposes, we require that perfect roof to give us that warmth and feeling of being safe and secured. Such an important aspect of your life needs great monitoring. It requires timely inspection and maintenance, at least twice a year, for proper functioning.

Are you wondering how to tell if you need a new roof for your old or aging house? It might be the hardest for you to find out the solutions to this problem. Here is an entire checklist which will help you to decide when you need to change your roof.

We can start with the Interior roof checking processes. After that, you may perform exterior roof check and then you may identify the roof damage.


Daylight through the roof:

You can check from where the light is passing out from the roof. If you find any such type of spots like cracks or holes, you are recommended to repair or replace the roof immediately. A small crack or dent can still be handled alone, however dents larger than your fists may require professional help. People often ignore the areas, but the leading circumstances can indeed be very dangerous.

Dark Stains:

Your roof needs a thorough repair in case you are looking for some dark streaks and stains running down the walls from the base of the roof or underside the roof. It may damage not only your roof but also can harm the interior structure of the house. It also gives a very messed up look. Do not just go for painting it to hide the display, but actually look into the issue regarding the areas of its arise.


Sagging or Buckling:

Just go to the top of your roof and check whether there lies any sign of sagging are present. Sign of sagging is a huge indication that your roof is aged and is unable to bear that great load now. You must have heard of the term ‘breaking strength’, right? It is the capability of the roof to hold itself utmost. Even a slight change in burden beyond the breaking strength, and your roof will come tumbling down over you. That is creepy, is it not? So, do not ignore the symptoms.


Leakage Check:

In case there are any points on the roof from where water is entering into your house via roof then you need to immediately perform a roof treatment and even in severe cases, replace that roof otherwise it will rust your beams and dampen your whole house. Damped walls have been a major issue for 70% of the house owners, surprisingly. Yes, this mostly arise due to leaking roof. In fact, often a putty covering or even cements fail to cover up this issue. Before going for a roof repair, get your damp checked and repaired. Otherwise, the conditions might arise again over your new roof too. That’s going to create a hole in your pocket.



Visual Inspection:

Just look out for those bald spots and excessive shingle granules. If they are encountered in huge quantities and in the greater part of your roof then, it is a clear indication that you need the roof replacement, right now. Also, do not hesitate to call for an expert in case the matters are turning severe. Saving money miserly now can lead to severe cases later, you see.



Chimney Flash:

If your Chimney flash consists of those tar and other granular parts of your roof, then it’s really alarming. This can be really dangerous for someone standing outside. You never know when that large piece of shingle can hurt you. Better replace your roof. The tars often eat up the roof and its materials, creating soot and those tiny blackened holes all around.



If you have wooden or asphalt roofs, rotting is the common problem. This type of damage may harm your tiles. It may cause to build moldy on a group of tiles. This is the recommendation for you to immediately repair such kind of issues. Often fungus accumulation and insect holes can lead to rotting too. Check for the material that was used to built your roof. I’d recommend changing the material of your roof, in fact, until it leads you to huge budget crossing.

Shoddy Workmanship

Are you looking patches and awkwardly fitted tiles? That means your roof is not in the perfect shape. Also, if you notice various layers on the roof during the exterior roof checking, you should very sure for the replacement of the roof.


Just go and check all this right now. Neglecting your Roof can really be life-threatening. And you can’t take the risk. A stitch on time, indeed saves nine. Even a small hesitation can create tremendous issues. Your roof is the strongest part of your home, and that has its own responsibilities. A small patch repair can save you from the tough times.