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Driving is a rite of passage that separates us from a child to a young teenager, and millions of new drivers will hit the roads this year.  It is important to learn to drive, and the skill of driving is carried with us for the rest of our lives.  It is important to get the proper training when we learn to drive to make certain that bad habits are avoided in the critical learning stages.  Proper training will set the tone, and ultimately produce responsible safe drivers.Driving Dangers
Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced, technologically driven world and this trend has not seemed to slow down.  Our children are faced with more distractions today while they learn to drive than any past childhood generations.  From the popularity of cell phone use to enhanced vehicle graphical displays- the distractions are endless.  This is why good fundamentals are necessary to ensure safe, effective, and good driving habits are established when our children learn to drive.Driving Training
There are many types of driving training that one may receive through the very important stage when a young driver learns to drive.  From a formal Drivers Education program in your child’s high school to driving with dad on weeknights- the possibilities vary dependent upon your financial and time needs.  When we learn to drive, many people find the instruction of a certified instructor beneficial as compared to learning with our parents.  The certified instructor will make certain that standardized training is administered, and will have the time and patience to effectively critique your teens driving skills.  This is extremely important to make certain that while we learn to drive, we are showing proficiency in this learned skill.Teen Driving
According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, 16 year old drivers have the highest crash rate when compared to all other age groups.  Evidence supporting the previous statement can be found by flipping on your nightly news.  We see more and more serious or fatal crashes involving teen drivers, and this will only continue as driving distractions are increased.  This is where proper training is needed when teens learn to drive to build the driving foundation of young drivers.Top Reasons for Teen Accidents
There are many factors that are present when a teen is involved in a driving accident.  This can result from improper instruction and techniques when your teen started to learn to drive and these driving behaviors are continued throughout the years.  However, the most common contributing factors that are seen in teen accidents are:


Distracted Driving

Taking Unnecessary Risks

Not Keeping Proper Distance

Failing to Wear a Seatbelt

Over Correcting the Vehicle

Tired Driving

Having Teen Passengers

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Above All Safety Driving School is local providing Calgary driving School that has been in business for over 10 years to new drivers and allowing them to confidently and safely drive. We specialize in providing driving classes for students who are trying to attain a license and ensure that they are ready to take the Driving Test.
As you can see there are some factors that can be controlled by you the parent, while others are directly related to driving fundamentals were either not instructed or retained.  The driving fundamentals are necessary when we learn to drive, and this can be controlled by making certain your son or daughter receives effective drivers training.Insurance Discounts
Another benefit of a standardized driving training is the insurance discount that your teen can receive once they learn to drive.  This will help to offset the rising costs of teen insurance when your son or daughter is added to your insurance policy.  Furthermore if your child displays academic excellence, this discount can be coupled to save you some serious cash when you add your child to your insurance policy. Also understanding when you need to call a tow truck can help!