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The difference between a traditional KG and Montessori KG is in the curriculum. It is natural and friendly at the Montessori. There are no boring sessions for children. Every moment is active and alive. The teaching methods are highly personalized for every child. The most important aspect is the absence of a competitive environment. So, the children are relatively free from the stress of having to prove themselves to be smarter and more intelligent. So, they can learn and practice at their own pace during the initial stages of childhood.

Montessori – Sharpen the Child



Traditional schools have a method of grading and ranking for children even during KG. Children with higher IQ and dedicated parents can learn faster. It is because they get special care at the school and at home.

Children with high Emotional Quotient may feel left out due to the curriculum which focuses more on logic, math, and problem-solving. The focus on art, music, painting, and other forms of fine-arts will be very low or non-existent. If your child is oriented towards such subjects, the Montessori gives the best opportunities to grow such abilities.

Equipment Accessibility: Children learn better through practical exposure to learning and playing equipment. Ready accessibility to the toys, sporting equipment, and others increases their level of curiosity. They can develop a genuine wish to explore the subjects and concepts. Their level of learning and understanding will be naturally more. It is stated to be due to the willingness to learn and experiment.

The learning can expose the conscious and the subconscious mind of the child to coordinated learning. She doesn’t need to work hard towards memorizing the objects. She can visualize them and relate them with the spellings, words, sentences, and other aspects of vocabulary and grammar. Since it happens naturally, she can develop the eagerness to explore the learning dimensions independently.

Freedom-to-Choose: You child may choose to spend more time in outdoor activities like sports, swimming, and playing with the other children. Or she may choose to stay indoors and explore the world of curriculum-based learning. Montessori KG gives her the freedom to choose. So, she is no longer under the strict rules to follow orders. It is stated to be the best motivational force for the child for voluntary learning.

Conscious Awareness: Montessori creates a deep sense of consciousness in your child. She can differentiate between the best and the rest. She can know what to accept and what to avoid. She will become aware of the safety and risks while being at school, home or elsewhere. You don’t need to keep reminding her to be safe and cautious.

Conscious awareness is also about things to learn and explore. Montessori can expand the imaginative and innovative side of your child very quickly. The ability to observe and learn from the natural world around her will develop consciously and consistently with time.

Skill Mastery: Mastering a specific skill may take time and effort when your child goes through traditional KG. Montessori can let her focus on a skill which interests and amuses her. She can learn through direct interaction with the teacher and the objects required for practical training.

Montessori KG teachers have an open mind to accept the children as they are. They will find the most comfortable method of learning for the children. They can orient the children to the desired goals through personalized methods and channels.

Language Skills: Spoken language may come to your child more easily compared to reading and writing skills. But the way she speaks and interacts with the others could be not so refined. Montessori can teach her the finest aspects of spoken language using simple methods. She can identify the spellings and words through sound recognition and identification.

In linguistics, it is called the phonetics. It is something which the children can absorb faster than the adults. The teachers at the Montessori KG are practically experienced in the methods of phonetics. They can teach the finest aspects of the subject through practical sessions.

Reading and writing are the two fundamental skills required to master the skills in the language. Montessori can teach the art of spelling and word formation using various sound patterns. You may call them pronunciation or accent. The Montessori KG will have children from multiple ethnicity, community, and nationality. Everyone has a unique accent. By interacting with others, the child can learn to recognize all forms of accent.

Science and Math: The process of learning science and math is personalized to the core at the Montessori. The teachers understand the level of IQ and EQ in every child. They can design specific methods of teaching which make the children absorb the maximum knowledge within the minimum time. It is also considerate to the children who have a slow pace of absorbing and learning. Since there is no competition among children, they can focus on their natural ability to learn.

Other Curriculum: Montessori doesn’t impose anything onto a child without her conscious acceptance and willingness to learn. Of course, there are certain basic aspects of learning which become mandatory. Montessori can teach them in a non-conventional and convincing manner to the children.

Montessori KG- EQ and IQ

Montessori is the place where your child gets equal attention to developing her REQ and IQ. Emotional Quotient is helpful in learning music, painting, poetry, and storytelling. He will be able to use all the objects in her leaning from humans, animals, plants and the other forms of flora and fauna.

Montessori is the place where your child learns the art of developing her soft-skills. They include personality development, respect for the self and others. Care for the environment and the surroundings, and others.


Montessori can develop your child into a complete individual before she comes to the age of going to regular school. She will have mastered the skills required for further learning, social integration, communication, and other soft-skills. Her schooling will be smooth and hassle-free.


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2000 Days Daycares  built our own using over a decade of child care experience. We wanted a safe, nurturing environment that was more than just a typical daycare. We wanted our son to truly learn, socialize AND have fun. More a school then a daycare…much more! Our goal was to make sure that our sons first 2000 days were as fun and educational as possible. We couldn’t find anything that fit all the criteria. So we used our experience in child care to open our own Calgary daycare school. Please take a look through our site and come for a visit. We hope you come to love 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten as much as we do!