Repair or Replace a Furnace?

How to Decide on Repair or Replacement of Furnace



When the outside temperature of your home is cold, the operation and health of the furnace must be considered well since it is your comfort that is being addressed here. If you find that your furnace is acting beyond normal, you might be thinking about whether it is best to replace or repair it, having the latter more preferable because it saves you money. However, you can’t just decide which is better than the other since there are factors that you need to consider first. Below are some pointers that will help you get a clearer decision whether it is best to repair or replace the HVAC unit.


Repair is best considered when…

Most cases with furnace problems do lie with repairs only. This canbe done by an furnace repair calgary  professional certified by NATE. If your furnace is still new, at least haven’t reached the ten years of its system life, then the chances of the problems arising with your HVAC unit is best done with repairs. Aside from that, if your HVAC unit is still heating your home properly, then repairs are best chosen.


The general idea of why repairs are best is when you find that your heating bills are still the same as normal even with the continuous usage of your furnace, there is no need for replacement or to take a look into repairs even. Your furnace is functioning properly if you do not see any issues with uneven heating as well.


A general rule of considering furnace repairs is when the cost of repairs is less than a third of the cost of getting a new heating system and that the repairs of the furnace arein the first half of the predicted lifetime. Don’t ever forget that even if you are going through a drop of heating efficiency, there are other ways to think about before you even go for replacements.


Replacement is best considered when…

There are times when repairs is not an option, especially when your furnace is beyond 15 years of usage in the home. The expected lifetime of an HVAC unit is between 15 to 20 years. In between those years, your furnace is going to experience “pain,” which is beyond normal from the first years you once used it. When you find a lot of problems in this time frame, it is best to discuss are replacement.


Another consideration for replacement is when you find yourself always calling for the HVAC guys to conduct repairs on your furnace. In this case, you have to observe how many times you have called for their service in the last two years and the scope of their repairs. When these repairs keep happening, and it hasn’t improved the performance of the HVAC unit, all the more reason to consider replacement.


Another note on replacement is when the furnace is not producing steady temperatures and is unable to evenly distribute the air in every room –this I something that screams that it should be replaced.


You should discuss this with your HVAC contractor since they can enlighten you on why you should go for repairs or replacement.

Calgary Drivers Education

Learn to Drive

Driving is a rite of passage that separates us from a child to a young teenager, and millions of new drivers will hit the roads this year.  It is important to learn to drive, and the skill of driving is carried with us for the rest of our lives.  It is important to get the proper training when we learn to drive to make certain that bad habits are avoided in the critical learning stages.  Proper training will set the tone, and ultimately produce responsible safe drivers.Driving Dangers
Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced, technologically driven world and this trend has not seemed to slow down.  Our children are faced with more distractions today while they learn to drive than any past childhood generations.  From the popularity of cell phone use to enhanced vehicle graphical displays- the distractions are endless.  This is why good fundamentals are necessary to ensure safe, effective, and good driving habits are established when our children learn to drive.Driving Training
There are many types of driving training that one may receive through the very important stage when a young driver learns to drive.  From a formal Drivers Education program in your child’s high school to driving with dad on weeknights- the possibilities vary dependent upon your financial and time needs.  When we learn to drive, many people find the instruction of a certified instructor beneficial as compared to learning with our parents.  The certified instructor will make certain that standardized training is administered, and will have the time and patience to effectively critique your teens driving skills.  This is extremely important to make certain that while we learn to drive, we are showing proficiency in this learned skill.Teen Driving
According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, 16 year old drivers have the highest crash rate when compared to all other age groups.  Evidence supporting the previous statement can be found by flipping on your nightly news.  We see more and more serious or fatal crashes involving teen drivers, and this will only continue as driving distractions are increased.  This is where proper training is needed when teens learn to drive to build the driving foundation of young drivers.Top Reasons for Teen Accidents
There are many factors that are present when a teen is involved in a driving accident.  This can result from improper instruction and techniques when your teen started to learn to drive and these driving behaviors are continued throughout the years.  However, the most common contributing factors that are seen in teen accidents are:


Distracted Driving

Taking Unnecessary Risks

Not Keeping Proper Distance

Failing to Wear a Seatbelt

Over Correcting the Vehicle

Tired Driving

Having Teen Passengers

Above All Safety Driving School
115-55 Westwinds Crescent Northeast
Calgary Alberta T3J 5H2
Above All Safety Driving School is local providing Calgary driving School that has been in business for over 10 years to new drivers and allowing them to confidently and safely drive. We specialize in providing driving classes for students who are trying to attain a license and ensure that they are ready to take the Driving Test.
As you can see there are some factors that can be controlled by you the parent, while others are directly related to driving fundamentals were either not instructed or retained.  The driving fundamentals are necessary when we learn to drive, and this can be controlled by making certain your son or daughter receives effective drivers training.Insurance Discounts
Another benefit of a standardized driving training is the insurance discount that your teen can receive once they learn to drive.  This will help to offset the rising costs of teen insurance when your son or daughter is added to your insurance policy.  Furthermore if your child displays academic excellence, this discount can be coupled to save you some serious cash when you add your child to your insurance policy. Also understanding when you need to call a tow truck can help!


The different uses of Human Resource Consulting


The complexity of the operation in every company is really hard to deal with, especially if you have a growing number of demands and you can’t face the daily pressure. If you are still an emerging company, you can never think of hiring a human resources consulting firm. However, if your company is growing rapidly and expounding, you might want to consider hiring HR consultants. If you’re still in doubt on what the firm would be able to provide in your company, below is a short list of the different uses of human resources consulting firm:

Outsourcing is a great way to save money and reduce your expenses. Hiring a human resources consulting firm will help you to come up with different outsourcing solutions that you might need. It may be just the payroll outsourcing or the benefits administration. They can also enhance and improved the performance of your HR department as they would point out bad practices and operate strategies that would help you to eliminate most of the penalties that comes with errors from your poor daily practices.

Salopek & Associates Ltd.

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Calgary, Alberta
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Health and Benefits
You know too well that employee benefits are one of the most time consuming and hard task to deal with. There are some companies that would hire an HR consultant just to assigned them to the benefits administration alone. With the HR consulting firm, they would be able to help you simplify the complex concept of benefits administration, contact all their benefits providers and deal with them in order to provide all of your needs. In that way, your HR department can focus more on the daily operation of the company while your HR consulting firm would handle more of the benefits administration.

Human Resources Tech Implementation
If you want to upgrade your company’s operation, you might need the help of an HR consulting firm. They can set up human resources technology, introduce it to your company and train your employees on how it works. They can also help in maintaining it as well. Therefore, hiring an HR consulting firm is one big step to improve the performance of your company.

Human Capital Management
Ottawa Human resources consulting firms also has the capability to help you in improving your employees’ skills and talents. If you want to conduct an employee rewards program for them, then you might need the help of the HR consulting firm. It also works with selecting the best new hires and keeping them on your team to work and serve you.

Business Communications
You are working as a team, therefore you should also consider the attitudes and the feelings of your employees. By hiring Human Resources consulting firm, they may able to evaluate and assess your employees. In that way, they can provide you with the information about the attitude, mannerisms, satisfaction as well as behaviours of your team. You can now determine what they like and dislike and come up with a better solution in order to improve their performance.

Social Media Marketing methods



There are few hours in a day when you can complete all your tasks. Above your normal schedule, you also have lined up meetings, work, network, updating online channels and making it updated regularly that needs specific strategies to be taken properly. Nevertheless, even as there was a time where struggle was required to have some time for digital marketing and nowadays, we put a lot of time only on this. Being online is great but it should not hamper your other tasks.  If you cannot handle it properly and you end up being busy all the time, you can do something effective to make the most of your time. So here we have some search engine optimization and internet  marketing methods for you:

  • Create a timetable and follow it strictly: It’s an easy idea but it’s incredible how few in fact bother to put one as one. We usually go after an agenda for our usual work so it makes logic to reserve some time for Calgary SEO work. If you set aside an hour in one day, it can do numerous good and keep you more alert consequently.
  • Prepare beforehand: It is said that there’s not anything off beam with arranging content before its used as there are constantly new ideas, posts and images that aren’t time responsive. Of course, the difficulty following that is you will be require to take some time to compose all the content in the first place, but because there are constantly silence in the week, you should be gifted to combine some posts or source images to position at a later date. Also, don’t fail to remember regarding holidays and events so you can set up content that connects.
  • You can also list posts in progress which can be useful if you finish up having to postpone your time. Some sites such as Facebook let you to plan times to place while others such as Twitter can only do this by the means of third-party apps like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Buffer
  • Direct Customer questions to One Location: Since social media gives the opportunity to everyone to have a direct contact to the company, it makes complete logic that there are a lot of queries and questions that are exchanged through this mode. On the other hand, if you have more than one account, it can get really complicated because you have to keep switching the channels in order to address everyone. If you can, give emphasis to that all queries and complaints that are available in one site like Twitter. This way, the whole thing can be established in the one place and if a difficulty needs to be discovered in better detail, you can control them to email. Usually, these queries will be easily reviewed so you shouldn’t use up too long in replying them.
  • Cross-Posting: If you’re using more than one account, you should have a thorough knowledge about the type of people that follow you. You must check your analytics time and again for that. Hence, you should know that if your audience for each of the site has common interests and if they do, then cross posting the content can be a great idea.


MRC SEO Consulting

4911 30 Avenue Southwest Calgary, Alberta T3E0V4

Phone: +1 403-386-7427

Trends in Calgary’s communities



Calgary is well known for its amazing and dream-like communities. These communities are designed well and are planned thoroughly by the masters in terms of development. The communities offer many new things for the prospect buyer and are competing with each other. Each community introduces new designs and some are successful enough to become a trend.


This trendy development will be an inspiration for other communities. They will enhance or improve the original trend, depending on their theme. With that, here are some of the best trends in the Calgary which are considered new community development:


  • For the Whole Family. Some communities will offer bigger homes which can cater all the families from the grandparents up to the younger grandchildren who are either married or single. Some communities also offer an adjoined lot which means that the lot for a child is connected to the lot leading to her parent’s house. This is way convenient for those newlywed couples who are still not used to in living away from their parents.
  • Convenient Location Communities are offering a school a church, a playground, a shopping mall or even allows a selected company to build a company inside it. This is for the convenience of the whole family. There are also communities which are build beside a company so that the employees are nearer to their family and home.
  • Well maximized spaces The house might look like small from the outside but wait till you see the inside of that house. You will be surprised by how amazing the house was created and planned. It offers you a wide place since the place is well maximized than what you expected. There are also many open spaces that can be used from time to time.
  • Available secondary suites There are communities which offers you a secondary suite if you decided to have it on the future. Even though the available space is decreasing, it is still possible because of the successful zoning projects of the professional planners.
  • Available spaces for the cars. You will not have any problem if you wanted to bring your cars to your new home in Calgary because there are already communities which are building parking lots already. The place is well guarded and maintained so you will be assured that your car is safe.
  • Opting for a nature-themed community. It is like living in countryside within a city and is very good for the younger kids and retired individuals. The communities are mostly found beside or near to mountain ranges, hills or even river and offer a fresher air. There are also communities which has flower garden that offers a good spot for resting.


These communities in Calgary are competing with one another as to who will offer the best community. They will offer and promise you many features but always remember that the most important thing to look is the comfort that you deserved after a tiresome day. Try the South Calgary Community:


Closet Storage Solutions

closet Experts on our show today read More:


Do you have countless clothes but your closet is too small for it? You know, closet problems are never because of the size of the closet. Well sometimes, it does, but majority of the times, closet problems are because of how you used up all the spaces of your closet. Solve all your closet problems with the following closet storage solutions presented to you below.

Do not let an empty space take the place inside your closet. That simply means that as long as there is an empty place in your closet, you are not using up the full potential of your closet. Get a board and pin that board up to that empty space so that you can create a new space where you can put all your things into. You don’t have a board or you don’t know how nail a wood to that closet of yours? Get a rack! Use the racks to take up all the spaces that need to be filled up. Don’t have a rack? Well, find a rope and create a space for you to hang things! Hanging is one solution to use up that empty space.

One trick is to fold your clothes wisely. Tricks on how to fold clothes effectively in order to maximize that small space is not just a travelling hack. Folding your clothes wisely would mean folding them in a way that you can put more clothes in a small place. If you don’t know how to do that, check out tutorials in Youtube! Youtube has a lot to offer when it comes topics like that.

Organize your things effectively. There should be a place for your shoes, for your clothes, for your bags, for your shirts, for your shorts, and the like. There should be categories! Categories are the keys to organization. It’s not just the organization that you should focus on. It should also be on how to you maximize your space together with how you categorize your things.

Don’t buy closets! Make your own closet. Maximize your room space by creating your own closet. Buying closets would mean limiting your closet ideas to the design of that closet. That is not good. It is always better to have your own input as to what your dream closet should look like. Moreover, you can put that closet anywhere you want in your room without being limited with its form and size! It is a classic to put your closet beside your wall or in your wall, somehow, it doesn’t matter where your closet is located in your room. You can turn that space under your bed to a pull-out closet or if your room has a space under the stairs, you can also use that space as a cute closet.

Our clothes, shoes, bags, and the like are huge parts of our lives. It is an ideal situation that you can have some place to tuck them in safely. That is why it is a must that you have effective closet storage solutions to accommodate these precious things together and nicely in one place.

No-nos and Tips in Hair Salon Services

local Business Radiance Salon was in studio with us talking about Grad and some the hair service the grads may want:

Radiance Salon
1435 17 Avenue Southwest Calgary, Alberta T2T 0C3
(403) 474-4533

Everybody in this Earth is going crazy with styling their hair. People color their hair with whatever color they can think of. May it be pink, red, blue, green, brown, or multi-colors. Some people prefer the trendy long hairs or the short ones. Some people just go to salons to give their hair the treatment it deserves. Hair trends have been there since the beginning of time and inventing all sorts of hair trends is a very easy thing to do especially nowadays because of our advanced technology. Amidst all these crazy things that we do, hair fashion has always remained as one of the greatest things that humankind care the most. With that, it is a must that people should always be careful with how, who, and where they do their hair salon services.

Do not go salon hopping! Choose and maintain your trusted hair salon. Majority of hair salons these days do not care about your hair! All they care about is how much money you spend on your hair. So, choose your hair salon wisely. Go for those salons who advocate to uphold hair fashion and those who are very passionate about it.

Do not let just anybody do your hair services! Choose that person who knows what he or she is doing. What’s better is, maintain a barber or hair stylist. Befriend everybody in your favorite salon and get some intel. Get to know who does the work best and request for him or her.

Do not overdo your hair styling. Do not dye your hair every week or you would end up bald. There is no such thing as safe and hair-friendly hair salon service except for the treatments and just plain hair cutting. Bleaching your hair would mean killing it, so avoid doing that always. Wait for 4 months before you dye or bleach your hair again.

Choose your hair products wisely. Having a good salon with skilled hair professionals, and less harmful hair products is a good salon package. That would be an ideal situation. Somehow, that certain package would mean an expensive service. So, you would compromise either your hair or your money. With that, it is good to compromise and prioritize. What’s better to compromise is the salon and the professionals but not the hair products. Your priority should always be the kind of products used because those are the things that would be applied directly to your hair. Since you will be having your hair services as often as how many times you want, you should choose those less harmful products or else, you would regret that your whole life.

That’s a wrap! Again, do not go salon hopping, choose your hair stylist wisely, do not overdo your styling, and lastly choose your products keenly. Because people love their hair and people love to look nice with it, hair salon services are and will always be on top of a person’s must-have list. With that, compromise less and enjoy more with your hair salon services.


Local Talk Radio

Promote Your Business on Local Talk Radio

Wouldn’t you just love to be invited to New York and sit down to be interviewed by Barbara Walters?  You would have a global audience of millions sitting there listening to what you have to say.  While Barbara Walters might be a bit of a pipe dream local exposure can still position you as an expert in your field.  You can build a base of followers who want to hear your expertise.

The internet has changed the face of media, especially local media.  With internet radio, online newspapers and news available from many different sources local media has opted to focus on local news and stories about the community. This can work to your benefit making it much easier to book yourself as a guest on local talk radio.

Here are some suggestions to get started:

  • Find local radio stations that offer a format for guests to appear on the show.  You can do an online search for local stations and check out their websites.  Check out the descriptions and previous guests to see if you might be a good fit.  Listen to a couple of shows before trying to make contact, you want to be familiar with the show and learn what types of questions they could ask.  Think of ways you can tie your business into that format.
  • Become a local celebrity first.  Contact local newspapers, magazines or other websites and offer to contribute an article.  Look at what types of information is being published, what are the topics covered?  How well is it written and can you provide a piece that would fit in well.  Once you have a couple of published pieces under your belt, now you’re an “expert” an securing a spot with a local talk radio program will be much easier.
  • Plan your pitch.  You need to catch the attention of the show’s host or the producer to secure a spot.  Plan ahead what you want to say to them, demonstrate that you are familiar with the program.  Pitch your idea as directly as possible and leave contact information.  Follow up a few days later to see where you stand.
  • You’re not there to sell, you’re there to provide content.  Provide great interesting content that the audience wants to hear.  The audience is not there to hear an hour long sales pitch, they can get that anywhere.  The reward for being a guest is you get to spend an hour letting the audience get to know you and building trust.  You also get identified by your name and what your business is.

Don’t overlook local talk radio as a platform for business growth.  You can spend an hour and reach tens of thousands of people you would otherwise not have had the chance to meet.  Here is a video that shows how you can use talk radio to showcase your business.

be the Perfect Talk Radio Guest

10 Tips to be the Perfect Talk Radio Guest

For more than two decades our guests have used the talk radio platform to promote, books, services and their business over the airwaves.  As one of the country’s leading talk radio stations there are anywhere between 40-80 guests booked on talk radio shows every week.  We have built a close working relationship with local business leaders, social activists and the entire community.  Your talk radio guest appearance should be everything you hope for to get your message across.

Here are 10 tips to help you be the perfect guest.

  1. Be real. Let your personality shine through, this isn’t a job interview so you don’t need to put up any kind of front. The audiences are pretty smart they will know if you’re faking. Let your passion shine through and be who you really are.
  2. Be sensitive to the other side of the debate. Talk radio is one of the best places to discuss controversial issues facing us today, including politics. That being said you don’t have to share the same viewpoint to be respectful of it. Radio audiences are made up of a wide variety of people.  Acknowledging the other person you can win some credibility with the entire audience.
  3. Stay current with what’s going on in the world. Current events are the most talked about topic on any talk radio show, so don’t get caught unaware. If there is a breaking news story take a minute and read up about it.  Being educated helps you build credibility with listeners.
  4. Make your topic pertain to something local. When you tie your topic into the local community it helps engage the audience and make it pertain to them.
  5. Don’t do the interview on your cell phone. Cell phones can cut off in mid conversation and talk show hosts really really hate when that happens. They took the time to schedule you on their show so don’t expect to be called back if you keep getting cut off.
  6. Have an agenda and try and stick to it. It’s perfectly normal to get caught up the conversation you are having with your host or call in guests.  Try and bring the conversation back around to the right topic.
  7. Mimic your host’s speech patterns. Whether your host is a slow and laid back speaker or talks very quickly adapt to their rhythm.  It helps develop camaraderie and build rapport.  Not to mention listeners tune in because they like his style so give them more of what they like.
  8. Keep the boring stuff to a minimum. No matter how passionate you are, endless statistics and numbers are boring. Don’t throw too many numbers at the audience they’ll change the station.
  9. Don’t pretend you know more than you do. If the host asks a question you don’t know the answer to then admit it. Trying to fake knowledge will cost you credibility while admitting you don’t know something adds to your credibility.
  10. Pretend you are talking to a friend. Talk radio is a different medium talk to the host like you are having a conversation with a friend. It is much more sincere and it allows the audience to get to know you.